June 12

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
It rained most of the day today…but we still saw lots of stuff and walked quite a bit! Even though 5 days in Venice is a lot, it is turning out to be really nice because we can take our time and not feel like we are running around all over the place, which is really nice.
We were supposed to do my plan #2 but in search of a really cool looking staircase we got lost in the random roads and ended back at St Marc’s square. We kind of gave up following the plan because of the rain and decided to head to the market and try to find masks that we wanted to buy. That was a challenge unto itself!!
I found a mask in the market that I liked (and was way less than the beautiful 200 Euro ones!!) and bought it but Elisa was a lot more difficult than I was!! There are a lot of mask stores on the roads back to the bus stop, and I’m pretty sure we stopped into every single one in search of the perfect mask at the right price for her! She finally found one and all was good!! I know that here, where I can compare the mask I bought with all the crazy priced ones, mine doesn’t look that great. But, when I get home, I am sure it’ll be magnificent! The same thing happened to me in Guatemala! When there are all the options sitting there it was hard to appreciate what I’d already bought, but once I got home the 5 carpets and blankets I’d ended up buying were all great (too bad the prices here aren’t at all comparable to the prices in Guatemala! It would have made my life a lot easier!!).
I also debated buying a blank mask that I could decorate at home. I really like the idea now and I think it would be really fun, but I don’t think I’ll buy one…it is a cool idea, but I know I’ll never get around to it!! Doing a semi-scrapbook for this trip will be enough of a challenge!!
We went back to camp and had a great time in the sun (of course, it gets beautiful once we leave the city) and working out. I have to stress the fact, again, that the exercise place here is to die for! I’ve never sweated quite this much before, but it is still pretty awesome! We ate a quick pasta dinner at the restaurant before taking the shuttle back to Venice so we could see it at night.
The city at night was really spectacular. The lights reflecting in the water from the restaurants by the bridge and the lights on the bridge itself were pretty cool. But, by far the best part was St Marc square. The tide gets so high at night that the entire square is flooded. The tide was already starting to go down by the time we got there, so there were some dry walking in the square, but a lot of people were taking off their shoes and walked through the ocean that was on the land…kind of a cool idea, actually.
There were lots and lots of lights in the square and the reflection of the water made it just that much more stunning. On all sides of the square there were little restaurants (like, the most expensive possible…we’d looked at some of the prices during the day and little appetizers started off at about 45 Euros!!) with live music. I don’t really know how to explain it – It was a very amazing experience to stand there in the middle of all the lights, listening to the music coming from all sides with the smell of the ocean and the reflection of lights off the water – and knowing the ocean isn’t really that close at all…very, very cool.
I didn’t really like walking back through the maze of roads to get back to the bus by 10:30, but there wasn’t much choice. At least there were two of us and I knew the road by heart now, so it wasn’t that bad…there ended up being enough other people that it wasn’t really that big of a deal. And I am really glad that we went and saw the city at night. It was definitely worth it.

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