June 6

Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Dieppe was really beautiful today…despite the weather not being great at all and me having another terrible cold! I was happy that I visited…even though I didn’t get any beach time (yet again!). In fact, I used mom’s “magic” blanket that I’d brought with me in case it was beach weather as a scarf instead!!
I made it there after a huge panic at the train station in Rouen…The ticket machine’s don’t accept my visa because it doesn’t have that little metal “pouce” in the end of it and the line for the ticket counter was insanely long! So in the 12 minutes that I had to spare before my train left I was running around trying to find someone to give me change for a 20 so that I could pay with change (in other machines). I asked one lady and I think she was practically ready to buy my ticket for me…but when she said she didn’t have change I went and asked one of the SNCF guys that was hanging around and he put me at the front of the line so that I could get my ticket in time. While I was waiting for my turn though, the lady that I’d asked for change came up to me and said she could buy my ticket for me out of the machine!! I thanked her and said I’d be okay for time now…made my day though!!
It was insanely windy at Dieppe but I walked along the water and down on the rocky beach anyway! I was the only one on the beach…no one else in their right mind was going there!!
I walked along and looked at all the Canadian Memorials that were scattered along the walkway. It was pretty cool to be Canadian!! There was even a Canadian flag flying at the park next to the beach!! Just under the castle there is a Canadian war memorial and gardens. It was awesome to be Canadian and walk around in there. It was pretty moving, actually. Made me proud!!
I walked up the hill to the look out behind the castle to get a good look out over the city, but because it was so foggy, there wasn’t really that much to see! On the way down, I gave up blowing my nose and went to the pharmacy (again) and got Advil Cold and Sinus – or the French Advil equivalent and it really helped for the rest of the afternoon!!
The church wasn’t open when I went by (I forget about the 2 hour lunch shut down that happens here!), but I had a nice lunch on the grass behind it – I was nicely sheltered from the wind! I pretty much just looked around for another couple of hours, having really seen all the sights…I bought the coolest placemats ever though (just two of them…) that say stuff in French on them! Made me happy.
It took me three hours to get back to the house from Dieppe: 1 hour for the train to Rouen. ½ hour walking to get to the bus. 1 hour on the bus. ½ hour walking from Bourg Achard to the farm!! It was long…but it was nice here today, and I had a good nap on the train!
When I got back I had a quick little nap and then Eva (the youngest) and I went and fed the cows…it was pretty cool! I had fun getting the milk to give to the little ones and straw for their little houses! Totally out of my element, and I am INSAINELY allergic to everything and couldn’t stop sneezing, but I had fun!! It would be a lot better if I could breathe, but it was good never the less!!
I get to sleep tomorrow because I can’t go to Vimy. I really wanted to, but it is too far away to do by train. It would take me eight hours of travel to get there…I am kinda sad because I would have really liked to go, especially this year, after The War movie and everything. But, it has been here for 90 years so far, so I’m sure it’ll still be here when I get back next time. I actually looked into renting a car so that I could go see it…but they ONLY have standards!!! So, don’t worry, I won’t be driving anywhere. Par contre, next time I come to Europe I would like to know how to drive a standard!

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