June 5

Tuesday, June 5, 2007
I went to le Havre today…and it was a long day!! Fredo had to go pick up an OSEF kid from le Havre, so I went with him this morning and I got a ride back from Rouen with Mme Prisette at 8pm this evening – so I ended up being gone for a good 12 hours!!
It was good to visit le Havre, but I won’t go back. It is almost what I’d call ugly…and is really the only city in France thus far that I didn’t like!! It is on Unesco’s World Heritage List and my handy little book on France suggests that it be visited, but it is definitely different. It felt like I’d left France and was in some Eastern European country (from what pictures I’ve seen, of course!). It didn’t really help that today was gray and windy…but I don’t think, even with the sun, le Havre could have become one of my favourite cities!!
Anyway…When Fredo picked up the Canadian the dad of the family made his daughter take me around the city!! I felt kind of bad for her because I was sure she must have had plans or something, but she didn’t really seem to mind. And it was really nice because I had my own tour guide for the entire city – which we walked in about 2 hours. There isn’t really much to see there…but there is a statue for a war memorial that was interesting, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the ocean, and the Volcano. I didn’t get a great picture of the volcano, but the tourist book says that it has been compared to a toilet bowl – and I can totally see the similarities too!!
The best part was walking down by the water and looking at all the fishing boats. On Fridays there is a fish market, but today all the stalls were empty except for one very stereotypical fisherman – who let me take a picture of him! Made me really happy – one of the best things of the day!
I left the girl (Cecile) at lunch time so she could go back to her real life and so I could eat my sandwich on the beach!! It wasn’t very warm out, but I could not, not eat lunch on the beach…so I did! It was fun anyway!
After I’d more than exhausted all visiting options in le Havre I got on the bus to go to a little town called Harfleur, which was about 10km away. I fell asleep on the bus and totally missed my stop…It has to happen sometime, I guess!! So I got off and walked the 5km back to the town that I wanted to visit! It wasn’t very big and everything was closed for some reason, but it was a lot nicer than le Havre itself. They are doing a scientific experiment on or about the Cathedral there, and I didn’t really understand the idea of it – but anyway, seemed interesting!
I had a nice nap on the train back to Rouen…I set my alarm on my watch so that I didn’t end up in Paris though!! Gotta love sleeping. And then I went and bought my ID bracelet that I said I was going to buy. I knew that if I didn’t order one now, I’d be leaving France (again) without one…my big purchase of the trip! And as it is, it will only be ready for me to pick up a couple days before I go down to visit Sophie. So it is a good thing I didn’t leave it any longer.
I went for a nice little run in the country this evening…the cows really do stop eating to look at you! It was really funny!! I quite liked it, actually. And after having not that great of weather all day, it was finally nice out for my run, which was great!
Tomorrow is Dieppe!!

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