June 3

Sunday, June 3, 2007
I am in my new family at the moment!!! And it is sooo on a farm…like, there are cows grazing in the front yard! Is that not absolutely cool??? I was so excited when I got here! When I met the dad, he was busy attaching the milking machine dealeos to the cows! I happen to think that is pretty cool! I got the baby cows to lick my hand too…I was happy this evening!
But back to this morning! It was not too thrilling…I ate breakfast and packed. Packing took a lot longer than I’d planned and I did a horrible job of it too!! I still fit everything in the two bags I came with though, so that is impressive. I will be putting ½ the stuff from my backpack into the blue duffle to come home though because my carry-on weighs a ton!!
When I’d almost finished packing the people that had come to look at the house on Wednesday came back again. I thought it was pretty weird that they’d come back for a third time with no absolute commitment towards buying the house. They stayed for a good 2 hours and so we were rushed to eat lunch to get me out of the door to the train station by 1:40.
I made up a nice card though and said they could come to visit Calgary or Edmonton any time they want! And I highly expect they will take me (us) up on that offer!! They accompany OSEF kids sometimes, so someday they’ll accompany them to Calgary and visit mom and dad. I think there won’t be any problem though. AND they are totally happy to have any member of my family come here to visit too. Their new place is South of Bordeaux and is practically next to the ocean (30km away) and is almost on the Spain border too…right next to San Sebastian. So I still want to visit all that part of Spain and I haven’t really seen that part of France, so I plan on coming back and staying with them in the future!! (And mom and dad are welcome to as well!!)
Marie-Paul drove me to the train station in Blois and she even cried when I had to leave! I was so sad to see her go too…they were a really great family! There is a chance that I’ll still see Lise and Mathieu again over the course of the next four weeks though.
I still love the train! Hasn’t really gotten old for me yet. This trip was only 1.5 hours, so it wasn’t even a big deal at all. And Fredo was there waiting for me when I got there, so that was nice. As weird as he is, he seems to be really reliable. Mme Lenfant lets him drive her around the country, so obviously he’s trustworthy and semi-normal…trying not to judge a book by the cover here!!
We got caught up in a bunch of traffic jams leaving Paris so it took longer to get to Rouen than expected. Actually though, I am not in Rouen (I never actually am in the city they say I am in!!). I am in a little village called Bourg-Achard (I think…I’ll have to get the actual spelling and possibly the correct name later!). It is small…and I haven’t really seen any of it – except for what Fredo and I saw while driving around attempting to figure out where we were and where the house was! It took us a good while before we actually found the house (including asking the Police, the baker, and knocking on the wrong house!!).
And so here I am…back to the beginning of this…where I said I am on a farm. I totally am. The house is what I would call a typical farm house with all the rooms connected on each floor. In order to get to my room I have to walk through two other rooms…does that make sense? Basically it is one long corridor with walls to divide off rooms, but we all share the same hallway and the same front of the house. Downstairs there is a wood burning stove to heat the house in the winter! The freezer is kept in a separate shed. Out in the backyard is a garden and then the cow sheds! And there are lots of cows…from the little babies to the big ones! I sooo want to help out and do stuff, so I hope they let me! I made it really obvious at dinner time that I wanted to do work…we’ll see!!
Night -Allison

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