June 2

Saturday, June 2, 2007
It was a rather “lazy” day today. I slept in – and woke up without an alarm clock – until 8:00…apparently I am my own alarm clock!! I ate breakfast more or less by myself as the others kind of woke up.
I picked cherries all morning. Lots and lots of cherries. I plugged in my Ipod and listened and sang to music and it made the entire thing a lot more fun. Over the week the entire concept of cherry picking has gotten a lot less exciting – as the novelty wore off and as more and more cherries got rotten. It is too bad that it rained so much because that is what made the cherries go mouldy on the branches.
Remi and I went rollar blading down the road for a good 45 minutes…the roads and paths here are definitely not the same quality as I am used to back at home! It was fun to do, though. It is great – every time I go biking or blading I have to wear a helmet. So the people here go digging through their piles of stuff so they can find me one to wear! So there we were – me wearing a helmet and wrist guards and Remi wearing a Santa hat! It was quite the picture. It was fun though. And it is cool to see how less shy Remi is now than he was a week ago.
While on our blades the baker truck drove by and honked. I got sooo excited over that! The baker actually drives by once a day, with his truck full of bread and sells it to the people as they come out of their houses! Is that not the coolest and Frenchest thing ever?! I was pretty excited. I didn’t have my camera with me, but when we got home the butcher drove by and did the same thing, so I got some amazing pictures of him holding ½ a pig head in the truck! It totally made my day.
Oh! And then I decided to call mom and dad. Well, I didn’t really decide it at that moment – I had planned to call them at 5am Calgary time because I knew they were volunteering down at the police station for the motorcycle dealeo at 6am. So I figured I’d give them a nice wake-up call! It was great…Dad was really out of it!! J
Once Christian got back from returning the rental car (he drove back from Paris last night because he was in Romania all week) we took out all the pits of the cherries I picked so we could make jam. It was good…boringish…but good! Especially because I’d been eating his cherry jam all week, so I knew how good it was!
I went grocery shopping with Marie-Paul and we ran into lots of people she knew. I guess in a little village of a place, that must not be hard to do! She bought me a couple of chocolate bars from the Poulain factory that is in Blois – in case my next family doesn’t feed me!!
I slept and went running (and died on the run…not the day for it at all, apparently!) before company came over for dinner. They mostly talked about the new school changes and the house changes, so it wasn’t all that exciting conversation – and I was actually so hungry, I wasn’t sure I was going to live…so I didn’t even really hear the conversation! The dinner was really good once we got there though…made me happy to eat!!
-AJ 🙂

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