May 30

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I can’t believe Wednesday is already over – this week has been going by so quickly! I guess it is because this family is so awesome…it makes a huge difference! I only have three more days here before I change houses again!!
This morning was really great…I slept in until 9am…and then I sat in bed and watched a movie on my laptop! How is that so not like me or what?! It was gross and rainy out and I had the house to myself until noon when Rémi came home from school. I had so much fun too…I watched “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and it is such a great movie! I have never seen it before, but it is awesome and is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Yep, pretty good morning!!
And then, once I’d finished laughing and crying I got all dressed up for the rain and went out back and picked a bucket full of cherries. It was pretty funny because I had huge issues picking them with the stems on them – so I ended up eating a lot in the process (when the stems stay attached, they last longer in the house). Then I went to go unload the dishwasher and I managed to take one of the cupboard doors off its hinges…and couldn’t get it back on either. But apparently it happens all the time, so I shouldn’t have worried!
Remi and I watched an hour of The Simpsons while eating chicken wings and rice for lunch! I don’t think I’ve watched quite so much TV in one day since I got my Wisdom teeth out. It was fun though.
When Marie-Paul got home around two we went to Blois and Remi and I went and visited the city a bit along with the Castle. The castle was built in different eras and has visible differences in its construction. One wing is Gothic and was the medieval fortress that was built in the 13th century. Another part is the Louis XII wing and is built in the Flamboyant style between 1498-1503. One side of the square was built by François I and was the prettiest with a very cool outside spiral staircase (it was the Renaissance style). That is about it for my architecture lesson!!
Inside each section were different displays and museums. We were only permitted into two of the exhibits with our Castle ticket, but that was fine by me! And Remi was running through them so fast, I got pretty good at speed reading as it was! The coolest part was the apartments of the kings though. There were secret doors and secret cupboards built into the panels. One of the Queens of someone hid her poisons in these secret cupboards. I think we both thought that was the coolest part!
We left the Castle right at 4pm and across the yard there was a house with these huge, gold dragons coming out of the windows! It was pretty cool – it is the Magic house. Lise and I may go and visit it on Friday when she gets back. We shall see…
And then it started to rain and rain and rain – again! We ran from store to store to keep semi-dry. I wanted to visit a couple of the churches and Remi thought that was pretty weird! He didn’t even know they were open to the public! I made him only visit one – and his reaction was pretty funny…he didn’t really know what to do with himself when we got inside! These guys are about as religious as I am (as in not at all) but I guess by being a tourist the churches are just that much more interesting to me!
These guys are selling their house, so as people were looking at it I went for a run and Remi biked. It was good…I attempted to do some intervals and I guess there is a difference in the speeds I go because Remi could tell the difference between my “fast” and “slow” – so that is good news, I guess!
And now my legs hurt!! That is a good thing!!!
Night -AJ

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