May 28

Monday, May 28, 2007

I did a really good job of relaxing today…you all would be proud of me! I managed to stay in bed until eight this morning – but even that was a good three hours before anyone else made it out of their rooms! It was raining and grey all morning, though, so I was happy to curl up on the bed and read – good relaxation!
We had duck for lunch! It is the first time (I am pretty sure) that I’ve ever had duck…I thought it was pretty good…but I have a feeling that it is really fattening. They told me it wasn’t – but I’m not really convinced. In any case, it was pretty good.
After lunch Nicolas, Lise and I headed out to visit two castles. We visited Château de Cheverny first and it was pretty awesome. It was built around 1630 and is the best decorated and furnished of all the castles because people still live there!! It is the castle where the Mona Lisa was hidden during WWII and is also the castle that inspired the author of TinTin…it is the castle that is in the books! What else??? In the dining room there were panels that illustrated events in Don Quixote – and thanks to mom going nutty over him when were in Spain, I actually knew who he was! It was pretty cool. And all over the place there were actual picture of the family that lives there today. Can you imagine growing up in a castle – especially one that is partially open to the public? I can’t even picture it!
We then drove to another castle called Château de Chambord – and it is basically the most spectacular castle from the outside. In fact, we didn’t bother going inside because it isn’t nearly as awesome as Cheverny. The only thing that would have been really cool to see is the double helix spiral staircase where (naturally) the two intertwining staircases never meet. But from the outside it was breathtaking. There must have been at least 200 chimneys and apparently this castle has the most windows out of all the castles in the area. The area is surrounded by a huge forest and is actually used as hunting grounds for the elite French. There is a huge dog kennel for the hunting dogs that are still used when they go hunting on horse back! I guess there are animals because I even saw a deer on the way into the grounds. It was an amazing castle!!
I had a nice nap once we got back and then did some abs with Rémi! It was really funny…he had fun doing abs with me though…so I guess it was a good thing! J It was way too gross out to go running, but as I sit here there is a beautiful pink sunset – so I hope it will be nice tomorrow. Of course, now that it is bedtime, the rain stops! At least school will be warmer tomorrow if it isn’t raining. That will be nice.


P.S. We bought these tick-tacks…they have these crazy flavours here! There is grapefruit, passion fruit, mango, lemon…very cool flavours! I was pretty excited!

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