May 27

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The meeting today was in Mer, so I got to “sleep in” until 7am this morning! It rained all day here though, so it made for a very cold meeting and a cold day, in general!
I don’t really know what to say in regards to the meeting because nothing out of the ordinary happened. The parents were really great…there wasn’t really anyone that caused any huge problems or anything. I think, for the most part, everyone was too cold to complain.
The lunch was amazing! It wasn’t really our standard cold plate canteen service, but rather an entire buffet with three courses. There were tablecloths and two glasses at every place with fresh flower petals sprinkled on the tables. It was really impressive. The food was good too…all cold…but I tried a lot of new stuff!!
It was still raining when we got back to the house around four o’clock so I think everyone (me included!) slept for a good hour or so! I love naps!! When it is raining like that there is really not much else to do besides sleep, I figure!
When I woke up at six though there was blue sky and sun so I went for a really long run (almost an hour…which is pretty good for me!!) on the paths that run along the Loire. It was absolutely gorgeous – the water and the little towns and all the forests here. It was great. It was raining again by the time I made it back to the house, but it was still a really good run!
Lise had made Canadian-type cookies and I was soooo excited!! I haven’t had cookies since way before I left home! It was really exciting…I think I ate about five before I decided that I really needed to stop! The problem is that they always put out food like that about an hour or so before dinner…and already that is way past my normal dinner time, so then I go nuts – although I attempt to contain myself so that I actually eat dinner! (which was really late tonight!)
Ohhh!!! Before dinner (and after the awesome cookies!) Lise and I went and picked cherries from their tree! They have this HUGE cherry tree in their back yard and the cherries are ripe now and they can’t eat them fast enough. We picked this huge bucket full and I basically ate those for dinner. So good. I’ve never picked cherries before! It was pretty awesome.
He he he….so one of the families that was at the meeting either yesterday or today called Mme Lenfant to complain about the dossier. Apparently there are no pictures included in it and the Cdn kid’s e-mail address is something like darksun_666@hotmail and so the family doesn’t want to accept the Cdn kid because they are worried that they may be gothic! Is that not the dumbest thing ever?! It is actually really interesting for me to see the cultural difference when it comes to accepting individual differences. Apparently us Canadians never reject the dossiers of the French students…but I have a feeling that it may happen a lot more often on this side of the ocean. Either way, it is a funny situation in my mind! So Mathieu was on the phone with Marcel – my connection in Edmonton – to work out the problem!! Yep…quite liked that!
Tomorrow is a holiday so Lise and Nicolas are going to take me to visit a couple castles!! I am excited! I really hope it stops raining! It’ll be a lot nicer if I am not cold! J



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