May 26

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Okey-dokey…so I got up at 5:31 this morning because we had a meeting in Alençon (sp???) at 9am and it was a two hour drive to get there. Mornings are so nice – especially when I don’t have to drive because then I get to sleep!! I’m sure I didn’t help the dad stay awake at all because I was sure not awake!
We ended up getting there quite early and had breakfast at the hotel with the Lenfant’s and Mathieu. Mathieu is this family’s eldest son and is the one with the Canadian girlfriend. We were at an ancient school (I think all the schools here are ancient and castle-like though, so I guess my opinion doesn’t really count in that regard!). There were only supposed to be 40ish students attending, so it was a rather small meeting…which makes everything go so much more smoothly!
There were two groups and as normal I stayed with the parents in the morning and did a little bit on education with the groups in the afternoon. This group of parents was great and because there wasn’t an excess of people sitting at the front with Mme Lenfant and me, I got to do a decent amount of talking – which I love!
There was one dad who was a pain (there is ALWAYS one parent who is a nuisance…) because his daughter is going to Kamloops and he thinks there is nothing in the West…and that all we do is fish. I really did my best to convince him that there is more than Indians and buffalo running wild in BC and Alberta but he didn’t really seem to care!! And I am perfectly well aware that Kamloops is not exactly the same size as Vancouver …but I sure wasn’t going to tell him that!
We made it back to the house around five and I decided to go for a run – it is so beautiful here…it may become my favorite region so far…we shall see! But it started to rain and rain and rain. I did this little loop that the family had suggested would take me about a half hour…but I was back at the house in less than 15 minutes…and I debated between stopping and continuing because at that point it wasn’t raining that hard. I am really glad that I decided to stop though because it poured and poured – thunder and lightening too!!
We all went out for dinner (with the Lenfants as well) at this really cool restaurant downtown Blois. (On Wednesday I get to go look around there, it should be good!) It was a really fun place – not the typical type of restaurant that we go to, and I appreciated the change! I can not eat the quantities of food that French eat, though. I honestly don’t understand why French (in general) aren’t larger people!! I eat probably less than half of my meal on a regular basis…and I am the only one that doesn’t finish their plate. I am glad this time that I have decided that I just don’t care if I don’t finish – that way my stomach doesn’t explode!!!
Ahhh…here’s the family lesson…So there is a mom and a dad (Marie-Paul and Christian (I think!)). Then there are three kids: Mathieu, Lise, and Remi – I don’t know how to spell that though! Mathieu, as I’ve already said, is working for Mme Lenfant at all the meetings and stuff and goes back and forth to Canada with all the French groups in the summer – and has a girlfriend (who is also part of OSEF) in Montréal. Lise did the exchange with OSEF 4 years ago to Winsor, Ontario. She is 20ish and is great! Her and I get along really well. She is studying biology and is going to California for the coming semester to continue there. (I think I am going to see if I can arrange to go to California on a long weekend to visit her) She is on holidays until her summer job starts at the end of May and is living here at home with her boyfriend (Nicolas, I think…) who is also super nice. Rémi is really little – I think he must be about 11 – but he is pretty fun too. When I go to Blois on Wednesday he is going to go with me! It’ll be cool!!
Sooo…a pretty cool family. They are (obviously) super involved in OSEF and are really nice…and “normal”. It’s great. I am glad that I am here until next Sunday!!
Later –Allison

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