May 25

Friday, May 25, 2007

It really was an entire day on the train!! The mom (I still don’t know her name…I guess I’ll never know, now!!) drove me to the train station at Isle sur la Sorgue for 8:30, where I just caught the bus – and didn’t have to pay, yet again! Weird…but I was happy to save another 3 Euros.
I made it to the central Gare in no time at all because the bus was a direct one instead of the round about bus that I took the other day when I went into Avignon. I took a shuttle bus to the other side of the city (it was a good 20min ride…I was surprised!) to get to the TGV train station…where I waited for a good three hours. Because there are not many trains (busses) that leave Isle sur la Sorgue, I didn’t really have another option. I did some good people watching in the train station, though. And it was nice and air-conditioned and everything too, so no problem!!
I still love trains! Soooo awesome. Because I got a cheap ticket I didn’t get that great of a seat (one of the four seats that face each other instead of the single two seats), but it turned out to be great because I had some really interesting people that came and went from the other three seats. People are so interesting to watch!
Due to my rearranging and organizing of train tickets I didn’t have to change train stations in Paris , which was really nice…My “carry on” bag is actually quite heavy! I haven’t bought anything though, so I don’t really know how it has gotten so heavy!! I guess the accumulation of papers and maps from each place I visit has an impact after a while. (I have been really good at getting rid of papers though…I only keep one from each place I visit – that is pretty good for me!!)
Anyway, I changed trains in a city close to Tours, and then got back on a normal train to make it to Mer. The family lives between Blois and Mer in a town called St Denis sur la Loire and Mer was closer for picking me up from the train station.
So the dad (I think his name is Christian) picked me up from the train station in Mer (which is the tiniest little thing ever….so cute!) and we drove by lots and lots and lots of castle walls to get to their house. This is the region with the most castles in France because the climate is good because of la Loire (the biggest fleuve in France…or Europe?). I am quite excited to go visit castles!!
The mom’s name is Marie-Paul and she is a principle in the collège in Mer and she had meetings (on a Friday!) until 8pm!!! We waited until she got back until we ate dinner (salmon…it was sooo good!!)…
I’ll explain more about the family and house and stuff tomorrow.



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