May 24

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Victoire came and woke me up nice and early today…she forgot her curling iron in my room! It was actually a good thing though because that way I got started biking earlier – while the temperature was still tolerable!!
I biked to another town on the other side of Isle sur la Sorgue (but now that I am writing this a couple of days later, I can’t remember what it is called!!). It was a nice ride there, past lots of fields full of poppies and cows!!
The town was cute, like they all are, and I really like exploring them on the bike because it makes life just that much more simple…and faster way to see lots too! I biked around until I found the tourist office and I got a walking map only to find that I’d really biked the entire route already! I went and had another look at the church and bridge to see if I’d missed anything, but I’d pretty much done the entire tour…
On my way out of the town on the way to another (I’d planned out an entire circuit of little villages for the day) I rode past a bike shop that had used bikes for sale!! I got really excited and had a nice long conversation with the owner, who was great. There was one bike that was really good and a great price (Cheaper than renting for 2 weeks, that’s for sure!) that I really debated buying, but ended up not buying because of the trains and various families and everything…I was kinda sad in the end – but I’m sure I’ll survive!!
I did something to my knee biking yesterday – probably because the bike that I borrowed was really too big for me!! I attempted to ignore the pain, but after attempting to bike up the hill to get to the next town, I kind of realized that I was not going to make it and I’d best be getting home before I did more damage…so I was smart, and I biked (very slowly because I actually hurt!!) back to the house. It was fine by me because it was already noon and I did a nice 30Km in the morning along with a nice, calm village visit!!
Buying my train ticket for Friday was an entire afternoon affaire! I thought I’d be helpful and it ended up being counterproductive and frustrating for me and for Mathieu – one of the OSEF guys (the one that has a Canadian girlfriend) who was organizing my train trips for me. I felt really bad by the end of the day, but I actually saved them/me a good 30 Euros!! (All of mom’s changing hotels and flights for good prices is genetic too, apparently!)
I pretty much napped and packed for the rest of the afternoon…I should have gone to the pharmacy to get more drugs for cat reactions, but I’ve pretty much been to the pharmacy enough already, I think!! J
Dinner was…late…but it was good. We had some good conversations about the US vs France and a bit of politics – I could name StePHen Harper without a problem, I’ll have you all know! It was a good last night, I dare say.
An entire day of train tomorrow!!!



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