May 20

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I got up this morning at 7:30 to find that Juliette and Victoire were still watching movies. They are already getting on my nerves. There is obviously a big difference in maturity level between Grade 12 and 3rd year university. Go figure.
After sewing the stupid insole of my left runner into my shoe, I went for a run down to the school and back. I like those new runners that I got at Paul’s place, but I don’t understand why the insole keeps sliding out the back as I run! J And it is only the left one too!! I glued it in about a month before I left and that was working well until the runners got a little bit wet during my bike ride in the rain/hail last Sunday. Michelle gave me a little hotel sewing box because I had a hole on one of my hoodies and so I decided sewing that stupid insole into the shoe was the thing to do…it worked for one run at least! Hopefully it’ll last for a while because it was sure a pain sewing it in!! Running was not as great as normal because I really hadn’t eaten in a good 24 hours, I was kinda lacking energy, but at least I was happy by the time I got back to the house!!
I got all ready…showering was a challenge…gotta love those typical French showers – this is my first one of the trip, so I guess I should consider myself lucky!! Oh! And there is a window above the bathtub/shower and I can see the road…that means that people on the road can see me too!! And it is the only window in the entire house that doesn’t have shutters! Some things I will never understand.
It was market day today, and it was awesome. The entire ‘downtown’ that I’d more or less explored yesterday was full of vendors. Everything from clothes to fruit to chicken to herbs and soap. It was great. There were so many people (a good ¾ were tourists, I’d say). I love markets, but I was nice and tired after walking around there for about 3 hours. I bought mom the soap she likes – but choosing only 5 out of about 50 options was hard!! They are such a good price though… I bought a basket of cherries for 3E and walked around eating them (and spitting the pits back into the bag because I felt bad putting them on the road…).
In my wandering around I found the tourist info place and they gave me a nice little map and told me where I could find the bike rental place. Although they were closed today, I walked over there so I would know where they are located for Tuesday, when they open again! They are right next to the school though, so it’s not really difficult!!
On my way back to the house I stopped at a small super-market dealeo and found chocolate milk juice boxes!! Made me really happy. I stopped beside the river in the park and drank two of them and ate my cherries. It was quite nice.
Back at home they were just eating lunch, so I decided to stop being grumpy and went and talked with them for a while. Heaven forbid I should be civilized.
What is really bugging me now is that I have a wireless connection, but I don’t know how to use it! It is a “peer-to-peer” connection and I tried configuring and deconfiguring and whatever computer technology you want to use, but I can’t seem to actively access the internet. I can access web pages that I have previously visited, but because there is no actual, immediate, connection to the internet (even though I am connected) I can’t access things like web-mail! I am going nutty!!!
And it is now almost 6pm and I was thinking I’d go for another run, but my muscles don’t really feel like doing that, I don’t think! I can nicely feel my butt muscles and my calves at the moment – maybe they need a break!!


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  1. The solution to your shoe woes? Just don’t wear any!Seriously, barefoot running is the new cool; the Kenyans do it, and they’re plenty fast! I rarely bother taking shoes when I go running any more.All you need to do is find a nice grassy trail, and off you go! Sure, your feet will get dirty and there may be some mud between your toes, but you’ll go faster, get injured less often, and generally have more fun.I suppose that, in a sense, it’s kind of like organic porridge – but in running form!

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