May 17

Thursday, May 17, 2007

It rained AGAIN today!! But it ended up being okay because most things were closed anyway due to the holiday. In fact, I slept in until 8:15 this morning! I think that is the latest so far on this trip!!
We ate breakfast at 8:30 and I was there on time…seemed like a necessary thing to do!! It was a typical French breakfast, no worries. I actually stayed in my PJ’s until 11:30 because I wanted to go running and I was waiting for the least amount of rain before I went out. (I know…another very unusual thing for me!)
I actually went for a great run in the kind of rain. People always look at me like I am totally nutty, but whatever! Girls my age just don’t go running by themselves here (beats me if they go at all, to be honest, because its not like I’ve actually ever seen any other female runners at all!!). This is the perfect temperature for me to run – so now that my lungs are getting a little better, and breathing is coming a little easier, it was pretty good. I am in Talant now (I spelled it incorrectly last time I wrote about it) – well, until tomorrow – so I ran down to La Place Darcy and back. Yep, it was a nice little run in the rain.
We waited for Bernard to get back from Paris on the train in order to eat lunch. And then I called Sophie! It was great to hear her, but seeing her is going to be a lot more complicated. I am pretty much up North for the rest of the time that I am here (apart from this week) and I am busy on weekends. And Sophie is never free during the week and is free on the weekend! I really need to corner Mme Lenfant sometime this weekend so that I can go through my schedule with her because I have two different ones (one for all the meetings and my personal one) and I don’t know which is more correct or how visiting Sophie could work. I’m working on convincing her that she should just come to Canada at the end of the summer when she has her holidays…I doubt that will really work though!!
Bernard and I drove to Château du Clos de Vougeot, about 30 minutes outside of Dijon this afternoon. It is a castle surrounded by vineyards and, like all castles, is a gazillion years old! It is owned by the Confrérie des Chevaliers since just before WWII and famous people get to join!! (They celebrate good food and all the excellent wines…the people who belong to the group get these necklaces with a little silver cup thing for wine tasting attached – I forget the name, of course) Before that it was monks that built the buildings themselves as well as all of the huge grape presses and cellars for the wine storage. The roofs inside were beautiful with all the beams and supports despite it being pretty plain from the outside. It was a good thing to visit!!
Michelle and Bernard’s son is getting married at a nearby Château, all the guests from Paris and New York (the bride’s family is mostly from there) are booked into three hotels in the area, and they are having a dinner for 200 people at the Château du Clos de Vougeot that we visited. The dinner will cost ~160 E per person!!! Is that not incredible?! And that is just the food!! They are paying for three entire hotels for the guests, busses that will transport everyone from one Castle to another, a crazy amount of flowers….beats me what else! The entire concept left me completely speechless! ~200$ for each guest? That is totally nutty!! (Anyway because he is known at the castle we got in free…I should think so too if he is going to be spending that much at the place at the end of June!!)
We had pizza and salad for dinner…and I think it has finally stopped raining!! It’ll be nice tomorrow – because we are driving all day!!!


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