Dijon Pictures

Here are the little owl arrows that show you around the city!! I quite loved them…

L’Eglise Notre Dame in Dijon

Eglise St-Michel…one of the first churches under the gothic influence here.

Me! And a random café…I hardly have any pictures with me in them…so I took advantage of the passing tourists!!

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  1. tsk-tsk not remembering that STEVEN HARPER is our prime minister! actually sometimes i’d rather forget about it too, because i don’t like him… It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I am leaving for my trip on Friday but i’m checking your house today, it is all ok and very clean and such. I finally checked my marks a couple days ago and I got a C in physiology but I actually am happy about it because I passed! The weirdest thing is that I got an A in biomaterials, i really wasn’t expecting it. Well talk to you soon Ally (i feel like calling you that lol) and have fun!

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