May 7

Monday, May 7, 2007
The house is basically the “ideal” French house, in my opinion! It is all that stone-stucco stuff on the outside with nice red tiles on the roof. There is a patio and a ~15m pool in the yard. Inside, the floors are all tile and the walls are the stone-stucco stuff. It is very European inside – I don’t really have any idea how to actually describe it…the downstairs bathroom is separated into two (toilet in one and sink in the other) and upstairs there are three bedrooms and one bathroom.
I think the upstairs bathroom is my favourite room of them all. There are two huge, blue, shell-shaped sinks on one wall with cool spot light things overhead. Then, on the opposite side (under the windows) there is a blue bathtub that is shaped like a macaroni noodle as well as a shower bottom that is blue too. The funny thing about both of these is that they are separate and stand-alone in the room with just the blue basins sitting in the floor! So, when you go in, it looks pretty funny! The curtains for each one are wrapped up and tucked against the windowsill. It is pretty cool! And the floor is this pebbled texture tile, which feels cool on the feet! (And even the toilet is blue!)
This morning I got up at seven so I could go into Grenoble with Christian because he works at an insurance company there. I went and opened up my shutters and had the most spectacular view. Grenoble is surrounded by 5 different sets of mountains and Crolles is located on the North side of the valley so there is an awesome view of the opposite mountains. They are pretty decent mountains and are still covered in snow for the most part. It was pretty awesome.
Ohhh…but talking about bathrooms…I had my shower in the downstairs bathroom and it was basically the most amazing shower ever! There is serious water pressure (not what I’d been expecting), amazingly hot water, and the showerhead is absolutely huge! Like the size of a decent size cooking pot cover. Anyway, I was impressed by the bathrooms in the house, what can I say?!
So Christian and I went into Grenoble. And they are so scared that I am going to get lost. People don’t tend to believe me when I say I can read a map!! It was no problem though. I walked from Christian’s office towards the river, finding the tourist information in the process. I got a really good map there and learned of all the “have to see” things…not that I really did any of them!
I followed the map and made my way around most of the main part of the city. The river is really beautiful and the houses that are along it really remind me of the houses in Switzerland. (We are about 2.5 hours from both Switzerland and Italy) There is a cable car that goes up over the river to the fort that was made to keep the Italians out – La Bastille. I didn’t do it today because I have a few more days where I will be looking for things to do and I want to hike up and take the cable car down. Should be good.
There were a lot of squares that were on the map that I went though. I saw the two churches and in one of them there was this old guy that was praying/singing and that was neat to hear. I saw the hotel, the theatre, and the ancient parliament buildings. I walked outside of the many museums too…They all cost money to go into and I’m not really all that interested, but if I get bored later on I may do a couple of them.
I went and did a little “shopping”. I didn’t spend anything though! I don’t really like the styles here at the moment, so I may be safer than normal for the slight shopping addiction! I went gaga over some nice, cheap shoes though! Yep…but resisted because I know they’ll hurt my feet L – never mind the fact that I don’t really want to go buy another suitcase again!! I missed FNAC though – I actually walked right past the door without seeing it and I love that store, so I’ll go back there…and maybe do some damage!
The funniest thing I found while I was shopping…girl underwear that had butt padding! Like, the idea was to make your butt look bigger! I thought it was the funniest thing ever! My butt is padded quite enough without any underwear to add extra padding, thanks very much! It was great!
When I was walking in the “Jardin de ville” there was a Bronte running around! I went up to the owner and asked if I could pet him (his name was Bingo). We had a nice conversation about Cavaliers. Apparently they are becoming more popular in France now. And it was funny because then, later, in one of the stores there was another tri (chubby!) named Sophia! It was great!
I still need to visit the market (It was closed because it was Monday morning), the cemetery, FNAC, and the Bastille I think! And I found a walking tour that is put on by the tourist info place that doesn’t really sound too interesting…but that I may do just because it is a good way to learn things!
I made my way back to the office without a problem – or a map. And we drove back to the house for lunch. I was sooo hungry (and still am…) and dinner is at…9pm tonight! After we go swimming! There are a bazillion pools around here because the Olympics were here in 1968. The pool here is at the Nordic Centre and Françoise has decided that she should come with me (apparently so she can get a work out too…).
I had a wonderful nap and then went for a run around the countryside…it is really hot out! I am happy because for the past 3 days or so it has been raining here.
Françoise is supposed to be back in about ½ an hour from work and then we get to go grocery shopping! Yeah! And we are going to go to a farm to buy cheese. Yep. Good things.
P.S. I keep forgetting to mention how much I love that battery-powered toothbrush that mom and I bought while in San Francisco. It is pretty darn cool…I’ll be needing to buy more for future travels!!

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