Friday, May 4 and 5, 2007

Friday, May 4 / Saturday, May 5, 2007

What a day(s)! I am currently in Hotel Campanile in Paris, not far from the airport – and let me tell you how lucky I feel to be here…If a few things had gone wrong instead of falling into place I think I’d probably still be in the Paris airport with few options!
After I said bye to Grandpa (who drove me to the airport!) I managed to find the right gate (I thought I’d be international, but because I was going through Toronto, I wasn’t…) and made it through security just as they were boarding! Oh! But I forgot – The only thing that I have realized so far that I forgot to pack was an adapter for the computer…not really much use to me without that. Fortunately, after I checked my bag there was a store on the way to my gate that had adapters and I bought the “variety pack” version because it only ended up being only 3$ more than just the Europe one. And I remembered what Dad said last year that computers don’t need to be converted for the difference in voltage – so I hope that still applies…I don’t want my computer to blow up!
We were late getting into Toronto. And I was leaving from the opposite side of the airport to go to France. I literally ran through all the doors and gates to get to where I needed to be to leave for France. And, again, I got there just as they were boarding. I thought I got a glimpse of Mme Lenfant, but the person left the gate so fast that I didn’t think it could be her.
I pulled a very unlike Allison thing on the flight – I hardly slept at all…I was not impressed with myself in the slightest. I just could not sleep. At first it was because it was not late enough…all the Toronto people were happy to sleep at 10pm – but I just wasn’t up for it at 8pm Calgary time! And then I just had issues sleeping. One of the reasons I was probably not sleeping was that I really did not know what I was going to do once I got off the plane. Like, none. I think I probably ended up getting 3 hours or so, but it really wasn’t enough. I am definitely feeling it now – it is only 2pm here and I am dieing.
So, I got off the plane and there was no one there to meet me…which I didn’t really worry about too much…to a certain point. Except that I really didn’t have any contact information, except on my computer. So I figured I’d hang out for a while and hope that the person that I thought was Mme Lenfant that I saw in the Toronto airport was actually her. I wandered a bit around where the arrivals spit you out and asked an info guy if it was possible to page someone (no, it wasn’t) and then I looked over by the elevators and I saw her…and it was Mme Lenfant – thank goodness. She thought I was arriving tomorrow. Luck, again!
There were relatives or step-relatives or something of the sort that had their two cars to pick her up and were able to squeeze me in after much negotiation. I really felt like I was causing people issues…which, I’m sure I was, but it wasn’t like I really had any other option!
The relative people own the hotel where all the Canadian students stay when they do their two nights in Paris and so that is where I am at the moment. They have a free internet connection (and I was able to use it once I figured out that they spelled my name “Alison”). I feel like I am really imposing on them though…and I am not used to having people just tell me to do nothing for 48 hours! I mean, I am in an airport hotel in Paris…so I am kinda trapped for the moment. I am going to go for a run because there is a park nearby, but other than that I think I will have to be boring for the remainder of today and most of tomorrow!
Tomorrow I am getting shipped off to Grenoble via train. I so totally love the train so that is pretty great. And I spoke with the lady that I will be living with on the phone today and she seems nice enough. Apparently they have a pool…And, by the sounds of it I will actually be doing work for the upcoming week – so that is also a good thing! I like working rather than being bored!
And now, despite my rule of not having naps when flying overseas, I think I may do just that! And then I’ll go for a little attempt of a run. Seems like a good idea to me!


P.S. Seems like a good idea for a food update! I had my first French lunch…two hours later! I had salad bar, which was so totally perfect because I had random tossed salad, some cold salmon thing, bread, cheese, and crème brulé for dessert! Pretty nice start, if you ask me!

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