May 23, 2018 – Shanghai

It was a later start this morning than it has been, which was nice because the buffet breakfast made a cruise ship breakfast look small. It was incredible to have such a crazy number of options for food. I am quite food-ed out, so I stuck to the relative basics of blue cheese and crackers... Continue Reading →

May 22, 2018 – Hangzhou to Shanghai

The buffet was amazing this morning. It was a cultural experience unto itself as we were staying in a large conference-style hotel. So there were a lot of locals in their red work uniforms running around, literally running, to get their food and to clear their dishes. It was really fun to see! We didn’t... Continue Reading →

May 21, 2018 – WuXi to Hangzhou

We had some great noodles for brekkie today. The breakfasts here are totally unconventional to what I am used to and they are great. I could get used to eating soup and salad for breakfast! I definitely am not losing any weight on this trip!! The day started off as a government and fisherman cooperative... Continue Reading →

May 20, 2018 – Suzhou to Wuxi

We had a great sleep on our minion bed and our laundry that we washed in the machine and spun dry was nice and dry on the rack. Okay, not that exciting, but we found out at breakfast that not everyone had the amazing suite-style room that we had, so I was pumped! Breakfast was... Continue Reading →

May 18,2018 – Beijing

I slept like I had been drugged. It was incredible. I guess I am basically on China time now. We had another great breakfast before starting the day with a trip to the Olympic “birds nest”. It was so cool to be on the Olympic grounds. We didn’t have a tonne of time, so we... Continue Reading →

May 17, 2018 – Beijing

We were totally awake at 4am. Like wide awake. I watched some Chinese TV and some BBC news before breakfast opened at 6am. I think I would fit in well here; it is very much a morning society rather than a late night one. There was a line up to get into the breakfast dining... Continue Reading →

May 16, 2018 – Calgary to Beijing

Turns out we were really lucky with our flights on this trip. We left Calgary just after 3pm on a direct flight to Beijing with Hainan airlines. I have never flown with them before, but they were great. Enough food and leg room to make an 11.5 hour flight as reasonable as possible, anyway. We... Continue Reading →

Saturday-Sunday January 6/7

I decided a while ago that writing about the process of getting home because that is just sad. However, this one was so random, that it is worth a few words. We took a cab from the port to our hotel. I booked our hotel on-line and rushed to do it as the wifi was... Continue Reading →

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